LLS Logistics is committed to maintaining the highest Health & Safety standards on our clients’ sites. We recognise that successful health and safety management contributes to improved business performance for us all, and we allocate resources accordingly.

We carefully consider the protection of those on or around site when developing logistics plans at pre-construction phase, and monitor and review Health & Safety throughout the period of the works. Our aim is to achieve a working environment that is free from harm and we do that by:

  • Having a comprehensive Health & Safety policy and procedures, which is communicated to all our staff.
  • Having competent and fully trained staff at all levels within the business.
  • Having access to competent health and safety advice and information.
  • Carrying out regular monitoring of our premises and any site one which we operate.
  • Ensuring any actions are fed back into the business framework and risk management process.

Our Health & Safety Responsibilities

We concentrate on basic issues which, together with strong health and safety leadership, result in regular reductions in our Accident Incidence Rate (AIR).

LLS Logistics is committed to achieving zero accidents and incidents and, as part of this commitment, we expect all our employees to take responsibility not only for their own safety, but for any person working on, or coming into contact with our activities.

Our number one priority, every day, is to ensure that our employees and team members return home safely each night.

LLS Logistics offer a complete construction logistics package that you can rely on to suit your budget.

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