LLS Logistics’ proactive traffic and delivery management plans ensure the flow of traffic and deliveries in and out of a construction site is efficient and safe for those on site, and for passing traffic or pedestrians.

Our traffic and delivery management plans are tailored to each site taking into account size, location and the surrounding environment. For example, our work for Graham Construction at University of Central London site was restricted by size and location due to its close proximity to a primary school. Our traffic management team managed a strict schedule of movement that ensured no disruption to the school or work on site.

LLS Logistics team can:

  • provide specialist software to manage deliveries
  • conduct regular reviews of traffic management plans and discuss improvements to help increase site safety
  • deliver toolbox talks to ensure understanding among site personnel
  • deploy traffic marshals or vehicle banksman to police vehicles and pedestrians further reducing risks and potential for site accidents.

Delivery management

LLS Logistics offer a complete delivery management system tailored for each contractor or construction project.

At pre-construction stage we’ll develop traffic and delivery management plans, which includes identifying sensible, safe delivery drop points.

Using our web-based delivery management system our team can efficiently distribute materials to the drop points, maintaining clear walkways and clear areas for work to progress. The web-based system allows for remote access, and bespoke site rules and delivery guidelines can be input.

LLS Logistics’ delivery management system enables you and your team to concentrate on managing the project rather than attending to unplanned deliveries and maximises crane and hoist time.

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LLS Logistics offer a complete construction logistics package that you can rely on to suit your budget.

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