We know that a tidy site is a safe site, which is why we devise intelligent waste management plans that meet the highest environmental standards.

At pre-construction stage we can assess a project’s waste streams and compile a waste management plan. Our waste plan details waste management locations and helps us to reduce manual and double handling procedures while helping to ensure waste does not become a safety issue on site.

With an extensive range of containers and vehicles, we provide a complete service for all types of bins and collections including wait-for-load cages, bins, skips and compactors.

LLS Logistics is your one-stop-shop for effective and sustainable waste management.

Increasing recycling and re-use rates

We are proud to recycle 98% of all client site waste and divert non-recyclable materials from landfill whenever viable.

LLS Logistics construction workers are trained and encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner and our management team are always looking at ways to increase recycling and recovery activities. This includes waste management audits to identify more effective segregation, and seeking reuse or recycling opportunities for particular waste streams, thus reducing material costs and hitting environmental targets.

Get in touch today if you’d like us to help you to meet your construction site’s budgetary and environmental commitments through better waste management and recycling.

LLS Logistics offer a complete construction logistics package that you can rely on to suit your budget.

If you need a service for your construction site and don’t see it listed here, please contact us direct to discuss your needs.